According To Viktor Dallakian, Armenian Authorities Should Get Rid O


Noyan Tapan

Dec 11, 2008

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 11, NOYAN TAPAN. In order to overcome the home
political crisis the Armenian authorities should disclose the
real organizers and executors of the March 1 events, announce an
amnesty, and get rid of the heritage remaining from the power of
Robert Kocharian responsible for those events. RA NA independent
deputy Viktor Dallakian gave assurance at the December 11 press
conference. According to him, the authorities have no alternative
and have to take such steps proceeding from Armenia’s interests.

At the same time the deputy said that the authorities should show a
political will for that.

According to V. Dallakian, the authorities-opposition relations’
civilized model has not been formed in Armenia yet, political forces
being at these two poles strive for exterminating each other, which
happened during the March 1 events.

V. Dallakian expressed an apprehension that Armenia will suffer
seriously from the world crisis, to which the authorities are not
completely ready. He did not exclude the possibility of social
discontent, either. The deputy said that Armenia’s import volumes
exceed export volumes by 3bn USD, thus the country depends on the
outer world. Besides, private transfers of more than 2bn dollars
received from Armenians living abroad can be reduced as a result of
further growth of unemployment due to the crisis.

As V. Dallakian predicted it, no essential shift is expected in the
Nagorno Karabakh settlement process in 2009. According to him, the
newly elected U.S. President will have to solve problems regarding
Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan during his tenure and he will hardly have time
for the Nagorno Karabakh problem. And the West will have to first
of all solve the problems caused by the economic crisis. Besides,
world power centers, among which are the U.S., Europe, and Russia,
will hardly come to an agreement over the Nagorno Karabakh settlement

Touching upon his personal political plans, V. Dallakian said that
he is going to remain an independent deputy until 2012, is not going
to join any party and to create a new party. Meanwhile he did not
exclude the possibility of his founding a new NGO.

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