Gagik Minasyan Believes Armenia Will Manage To Resist The World Cris

Hasmik Dilanyan

05.12.2008 16:31

No country of the world avoided the second, financial-economic,
stage of the world crisis, and Armenia is not an exception. Chairman
of the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Financial- Credit,
Budgetary and Economic Affairs Gagik Minasyan believes our country
will manage to resist the crisis, especially considering that the
facts are encouraging.

According to him, the influence of the second stage of the crisis is
especially great in Ukraine, where inflation is expected to exceed
20%. The economic indices have already dropped with 15%, the currency
fell 25%.

Gagik Minasyan assures Armenia will not face that problem. He predicts
the crisis will decline starting from the second half of 2009 and
will, possibly, come to an end. However, before that it is necessary
to work out programs.

According to Gagik Minasyan, the establishment of the Pan-Armenian
Bank will keep Armenia away from the world financial-economic
crisis. "Embracing the Armenian, Diaspora and not only Armenian
capital, the Bank will provide an opportunity to direct the financial
means toward the implementation of Armenian programs."

Today the Prime Minister of Armenia left for Moscow to meet his Russian
counterpart. According to Gagik Minasyan, the solution of financial
problems may be a topic of discussio ns, since the two countries are
closely cooperating in all spheres.

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