Armenian, Iranian officials discuss infrastructure projects

Armenian Public TV
Nov 25 2008

Armenian, Iranian officials discuss infrastructure projects

[Presenter] Armenian National Security Council Secretary Artur
Baghdasaryan has discussed ambitious regional infrastructure projects
with his Iranian counterpart. Armenia can become a transit country for
an international highway stretching from Georgia to Iran, and then –
to the West as well. In addition to this, Artur Baghdasaryan has
discussed the construction of the Iran-Armenia railway with the
Iranian political leadership in Tehran. The Iranian officials did not
hide their interest in the matter of constructing a petroleum refinery
in Armenia.

[Correspondent speaking over video of meetings] The national security
council secretary of Armenia discussed with his Iranian counterpart a
dozen of issues very important for the two countries. Those are of
political, economic and strategic significance. According to Artur
Baghdasaryan, one of the key points of the negotiations was the
construction of the Iran-Armenia railway.

[Baghdasaryan speaking in Armenian to a correspondent] In this regard
an ad hoc committee will be set up in the security councils of Armenia
and Iran, which will coordinate solving this and other key matters.

[The Iranian secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, Sa’id
Jalili, speaking in Farsi with voiceover Armenian translation] I
should say that we have had quite a long and substantial consultation;
we have discussed numerous issues which are extremely important for
our countries. I received an invitation of a return visit from Artur
Baghdasaryan, and I hope that many of our arrangements will have been
implemented at the time of this visit.

[Correspondent] By saying other key matters, Artur Baghdasaryan
implied Iran’s interest in opportunities of building a petroleum
refinery, and an international highway stretching from Batumi to
Yerevan and then to Iran. The fate of these projects will be decided
during discussions of the council that is to be set up. Political
discussions are being held regarding an arrangement for specialist
discussions and feasibility studies of the railway construction
project. The railway and highway construction projects have also been
discussed with [Iranian] President [Mahmud] Ahmadinezhad.The deputy
foreign minister of Armenia, Gegham Gharibjanyan, said the visit was a
successful one.

[Gharibjanyan speaking to a correspondent] I believe that a joint
session of intergovernmental commissions will take place in Tehran
immediately after the visit, and then a working group will introduce
to Mr Baghdasaryan and Mr Jalili the points which they have been
assigned and a next meeting will follow, and why not – mutual visits
of the first persons.

[Correspondent] Gharibjanyan attaches special importance to the
meeting with the Iranian president. According to him, Mahmud
Ahmadinezhad fully backed the three major projects. During the visit
Baghdasaryan also met representatives of the Armenian community in
Iran, and visited Tehran’s Armenian diocese. Hayk Hovhannisyan, Romik
Khachatryan, Tehran, Haylur.

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