ANKARA: Some Theories Remain As Just Words


Nov 6 2008

Erdogan commented on Obama’s support of Armenian accusations and
stated, "We believe this issue may remain in the campaign."

Prime Minister Erdogan congratulated the winner of the US election,
Barack Obama, and stated "We can now say there no longer remains a
black-white issue." Erdogan sent a message to Obama, stating; "We are
assessing that certain theories directed at the campaign will remain
as such." It was also emphasized that Turkish-US relations will not be
affected by the change in government, due to being based on strategy.

"We may meet"

Erdogan, stating he is seeking an opportunity to meet with Obama
during his trip to the US, stated: We don’t know at this time how their
program will be. If the opportunity arises we will pursue meeting."

Meanwhile, Turkey’s Grand National Assembly Chair, Köksal Toptan, who
is presently in Vienna said "I hope this will provide a new important
era for world peace." CHP leader Deniz Baykal also congratulated Obama
and stated "the US public has undergone a very good test for democracy,
and that an African-American president is a significant event. From
here on out Obama’s Iran and Iraq politics will be important. Turkey
will be closely following the developments."

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