Synopsys Armenia CJSC Plants Trees On The Hillside In Nor Nork Distr

03.11.2008 16:57

Approximately 400 employees of Synopsys Armenia CJSC and members of
their families participated in planting 400 trees on the hillside
in Nor Nork district of Yerevan. The planting took place below the
Church of St. Sargis, commissioned in 1999. The Synopsys community
volunteer program organized the event, which was sponsored by the
Synopsys for Armenia Charitable Foundation. Armenia Tree Project
Charitable Foundation (ATP) supported the event by providing young
decorative trees from its nursery in Karin village.

ATP also prepared the planting plot and will monitor the planted
trees in the future.

Among those taking an active part in the planting were General Manager
of Synopsys Armenia Hovik Musayelyan, Head of Nor Nork District Davit
Petrosyan, ATP Director Mher Sadoyan, ATP Community Tree Planting
Program Manager Anahit Gharibyan, and other foundation staff.

Since Synopsys was first established in Armenia in November 2004,
the company has invested millions of dollars in the research and
development of technology products in Armenia as well as in building
its new site in Yerevan. The company strives to be a good corporate
citizen and continuously contributes to the progress of Armenian
society by helping improve the country’s educational system and
by implementing other assistance programs through its Armenia-based
Synopsys for Armenia Charitable Foundation. The volunteer tree planting
by Synopsys employees is part of the team’s contribution to the future
of Synopsys’ host country.

"Community involvement is a core value of Synopsys and planting trees
is becoming a good tradition for our employees in Armenia. This is
our fourth tree planting in Yerevan. In 2005, Synopsys planted trees
in Viasphere Technopark, in 2006 in the Victory Park, and in 2007 in
Tsitsernakaberd Park. This year, we decided to conduct a massive tree
planting on the hillside in Nor Nork district of Yerevan, directly
below the Church of St. Sargis to make the area more attractive for
residents and tourists, and especially for the many children that
come to play here," said Mr. Musayelyan.

"We view this event also as our contribution to the efforts aimed
at fighting air pollution in Yerevan and making it a better place to
live and work," added Andrew Hovhannisyan, deputy general manager of
Synopsys Armenia.

"We welcome Synopsys’ idea. Once again we see that, being faithful
to its work style, Synopsys always manages to find ways to be useful
for ecology and for enhancing the ecosystem’s viability. This tree
planting, for which Nor Nork district was chosen, will inspire each
resident’s love of nature. The community is committed to taking care
for these trees," said Mr. Petrosyan.

"The commitment Synopsys has shown to the people and environment of
Armenia is a remarkable example of corporate responsibility and good
citizenship," said Jeff Masarjian, executive director of Armenia
Tree Project (ATP) Charitable Foundation. "Armenia Tree Project
looks forward to a long and productive partnership with Synopsys,
who provides a model of inspiration to all companies based in Armenia."

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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