Miatsum Was Founded


17:01:05 – 31/10/2008

The independence of Armenia and the liberated united Artsakh are the
irreversible reality. We reassert our determination for protection
of integrity of the liberated Armenian territory, settlement of the
liberated territories and building of a constitutional and democratic
state. This is the message of the founders of the Miatsum (Unification)
initiative Zaruhi Postanjyan, Jirair Sefilyan, Tigran Khzmalyan, Alek
Yanigomshyan, Griselda Ghazaryan, Hrant Ter-Abrahamyan, Seda Melikyan,
Alexander Kananyan. On October 30 they stated at the Iravunk de facto
press club that their purpose is to protect the liberated territories
and to draw the attention of the public to the worrying aspects of
the current phase of settlement of the Karabakh conflict.

The authors of the statement believe that any concession of territories
will destroy the current military and political pattern, distort
the balance of forces, and bring about the military aggression of

"Any government of Armenia must give up on the impossible intention
of endangering the integrity of the liberated territories of Armenia
and destroying the defense of the country for the sake of holding on
to government levers and illegal economic monopolies. The Armenian
political sphere must display a sober and thoughtful behavior to
prevent any internal and external encroachment upon the territorial
and military security of the country," the founders of Miatsum
state. They also announce that the authenticity of any assertion of
the government not to return the liberated territories of Armenia are
in direct correlation to the effectiveness of the policy of settlement
it conducts.

The founders of the initiative also stated that Armenia must recognize
the independence of Karabakh within the borders following the ceasefire
in 1994, followed by unification with Armenia.

"We made a concession when we agreed in 1994 on the present line of
demarcation between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The change of borders
will result in another war because the security of every inhabitant of
Artsakh is at stake," Zaruhi Postanjyan, a member of the initiative,

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