BAKU: Uzeir Cafarov: "It Is Time To Stop The Disgraceful Practice Wh


Oct 31 2008

"This tragic event occurred on October 25", said independent military
expert Uzeir Cafarov commenting on the information that soldier Hasan
Allahverdiyev shot himself while being on the military post. "Hasan
Allahverdiyev was shot by a commander of his unit.

In the result the soldier was brought first to the Shemkir military
hospital but then considering his critical state a military helicopter
was sent from Baku, which carried Allahverdiyev to the reanimation
department of the Central Military medical hospital of the Defense
Ministry of Azerbaijan. Now the doctors are struggling to rescue
the soldier. He is in a critical state. Doctors removed his spleen,
his liver is half-dead in the result of shooting and the soldier is
connected to the artificial respiration facility".

"It means that what spokesman for the Defense Ministry Eldar Sabiroghlu
says is a lie", said Uzeir Cafarov. "It is time to put an end to
this shameful practice, which has become a fashion in the Defense
Ministry. They consider that if a soldier is shot, it means that it
should be registered as a case of suicide.

First of all, Allahverdiyev served for about 3-4 months. Here a
question arises – how this young low-experienced soldier came to be
on the military post, where he is said to shoot himself? I think the
military prosecution will investigate this issue and I want the Defense
Ministry to stop mocking at the public opinion and stop taking the
side of responsible commanders and reject these inadmissible methods.

After being recruited soldiers are bound to undergo adaptation in
the territory of the military unit. If such a conscript is sent to
a post right away, it can easily breed undesired results. This is an
example of that conscripts are sent to the posts and those who served
half a year and more, do not go to the posts, which is a principal
moment in the sense of the real combativeness of our army".

Hasan Allahverdiyev has no father and according to the expert initially
his commanders wanted to register the case of attempted suicide due
to his hard family state.

"But soldiers serve in harder circumstances and according to the logics
of the Defense Ministry, they must all commit suicide. I would like
to say that the unit, where Allahverdiyev serves, is one of the most
complicated ones and it locates in the mountains.

I want to remind to Sabiroghlu that 2 months ago in the same Shemkir
division in the area of the Khanlar region soldier Faik Sarkarov,
recruited from Khachmaz, shot Afig Tarlanov dead. At that time the
Defense Ministry also attempted to present the case in a different
context but then it became clear that the soldier was shot by his
fellow-in-arms due to bullying. I can state numerous other similar

Therefore, I would recommend to the Defense Ministry to try not
to hurry with making conclusions or release any commanders from
responsibility. Commanders must bear responsibility for all such
tragedies. It is necessary to point to commander of the Shemkir unit,
general Chingiz Shafiyev that he bears the direct responsibility for
the repeated capturing of our soldiers by Armenians in his direction
and for those soldiers who died "owing" to bullying.

I can not understand the position of the Defense Ministry which tries
to justify its officials, though the victim is still in the reanimation
department, he was not even questioned about how he was injured. The
Defense Ministry state stubbornly that it happened due to the "weak
will", while there are witnesses who saw that Allahverdiyev was shot
by his junior commander, that they argued and the sergeant fired on
the soldier. In the next 2-3 days we will learn whether Allahverdiyev
will live or doctors will not manage to rescue him".

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