Hovik Abrahamian: Crimes Like October 27 Have No Limitation Period


Noyan Tapan
Oct 27, 2008

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 27, NOYAN TAPAN. A commemoration ceremony of
the victims of the terrorist act committed on October 27, 1999,
Prime Minister Vazgen Sargsian, NA Speaker Karen Demirchian, NA
Vice-Speakers Yuri Bakhshian and Ruben Miroyan, deputies Henrik
Abrahamian, Mikayel Kotanian, Armenak Armenakian, Minister of Operative
Affairs Leonard Petrosian took place on October 27 in the RA National
Assembly yard. The NA leadership, deputies, including Y. Bakhshian’s
widow, Anahit Bakhshian, the Chairwoman of Zharangutiun (Heritage)
party Board, a member of party’s parliamentary faction, as well as
K. Demirchian’s widow, Rita Demirchian and son, PPA Chairman Stepan
Demirchian, the NA staff laid flowers to the memorial of the victims
of the terrorist act.

NA Speaker Hovik Abrahamian said in his speech that every year by
paying the tribute of our respect to the memory of the cruel crime of
1999, "we once more say our resolute "No" to terrorism, intolerance,
and hatred." "And though 9 years have passed from the October 27 crime,
any of us during his whole life will bear this pain and suffering
the whole our nation felt on this October day of 1999. Nine years
later we again state that such crimes have no limitation period,
and we should do our best to exclude recurrence of such crimes,"
the NA Speaker said. According to him, every time gathering near this
memorial let us again certify that our strength is in our unity and
together we will be able to build more honorable and well-off Armenia,
which was also the dream of the victims."

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