Turkey Wants Solution To Problems Between Azerbaijan And Armenia


23.10.2008 14:51 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Turkey is playing a major role in geopolitics, side
by side with the United States, Turkish President Abdullah Gul said.

Turkey is creating a space to end the territorial dispute between
Armenia and Azerbaijan, according to him.

"We want to see a solution come about the problems between Armenia and
Azerbaijan. We sincerely want this, and we are ready to contribute to
bring about a solution. This issue, when I was in Yerevan, it was not
introduced by me. … It was introduced by President Serzh Sargsyan
himself when we were talking. I said at the outset that any problems in
the Caucasus does not just affect the two countries directly involved,
I said to him it affects everyone in the Caucasus, and I gave him the
recent example of conflict between Russia and Georgia and I said it’s
affecting us all. And I said to him I believe that as an eruption of a
problem affects us negatively, I believe that solving any problem in
the Caucasus affects us positively. I should say that after my visit
there things have progressed quite significantly. Important work
has been done. After visiting Armenia I then went on to Azerbaijan
a couple days later and had important contacts there with my …

counterpart, and after that the three foreign ministers actually
recently met in New York, so there’s significant progress being made,"
Gul told United Press International.

"There are important energy pipelines between Azerbaijan and
Turkey. Pipelines that transfer oil but also pipelines that transport
gas, and now we are building a very important railway linking us. In
all of the ceremonies I’ve always made it clear, gave the message,
if you will, in my addresses that once the problems between us are
solved, these projects are open to Armenia as well," the Turkish
President said.

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