Ara Abrahamyan To Start Serious Investment Programs In Armenia Next

17.10.2008 16:22

The Armenia-Russia relations have a centuries-old history and continue
developing, which is evidenced by the forthcoming visit of the Russian
President, Dmitry Medvedev, to Armenia. President of the Union of
Armenians of Russia and the World Armenian Congress Ara Abrahamyan
told a press conference today that Armenia has a number of joint
projects with Russia. It is expected to implement the Russia-South
Caucasus-Armenia business program, which will be discussed in the
near future. "By participating in such business programs we shall
endorse Armenia’s access to the world market," he said.

Ara Abrahamyan said to be pleased with the fact that the Armenian and
Russian authorities have established friendly relations between our
countries, to which the Union of Armenians of Russia and the World
Armenian Congress contribute.

Speaking about the call of President Serzh Sargsyan to Diaspora
businessmen to make investments in Armenia, Ara Abrahamyan noted
that about 10 Russian Armenian businessmen have responded to the call
and are going to make serious investments in Motherland in the near
future. "In this regard RA President Serzh Sargsyan takes serious and
practical steps, which all the businessmen welcome. Starting from
next year I will start my investment activity and will construct a
five-star hotel in Yere van and a canning factory in Yeghegnadzor,"
Ara Abrahamyan assured.

Ara Abrahamyan considers that a rather serious situation has been
established in the South Caucasus, and it is necessary to assume
correct foreign policy, where the Armenian authorities will need the
assistance of influential Diaspora figures. He welcomed the fact of
the visit of the Turkish President to Armenia and expressed hope that
it will yield results.

Turning to the Armenian Genocide, Ara Abrahamyan informed that
they have conducted a serious analysis and suggested the Armenian
authorities to apply to the International Court of Justice for
recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

He attaches great importance to the development of relations with
the United States. According to Ara Abrahamyan, the newly created
Ministry of Diaspora should try to assemble Armenians from different
countries of the world for the sake of Armenia’s development.

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