"2009 State Budget Is Social Oriented"


20:00 07/10/2008

The Chairman of standing committee on financial-credit and budgetary
affairs of National Assembly Gagik Minasyan presented in a press
conference the principles of 2009 state budget.

Note that 2009 state budget has been affirmed by the Government and
presented to National Assembly, where it will be discussed until
the middles of November. The drafting of the project of the law
on budget has been based on 2008-2012 projects of the Government,
the poverty reduction strategy paper, macroeconomic previsions, the
studies made by the experts of the Ministry of Finance and Central
Bank, the assessment of Currency international foundation.

G. Minasyan presented the revenues, expenses and shortage of 2009
budget. "The state budget of 2009 is socially oriented," said
G. Minasyan.

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