Nagorno Karabakh Republic President Congratulated Teachers On Profes


DeFacto Agency
2008-10-06 16:11:00

STEPANAKERT, 06.10.08. DE FACTO. Nagorno-Karabakh Republic President
Bako Sahakian congratulated teachers on their professional holiday.

According to the Central Department of Information under the NKR
President, Bako Sahakian’s message runs, in part, "Dear teachers,
I congratulate you on a professional holiday, the holiday, which is
precious and memorable for us. On this day we recall our teachers
and our school with deep respect and homage. We recall and we wish
to say warm words of gratitude to all those, who spare no forces and
energy in difficult and hard work of education and bringing up young
generation, who contribute to the case of homeland’s development and
prosperity with every day laborious work.

The development of science and education is one of our state’s
priorities. To march in step with time we should give new momentum
to the sphere of education and science, prepare qualitative and
comprehensively developed cadres, raise the level of studies and
bring them in line with modern requirements.

Amendments being implemented in educational sphere are targeted at the
solution of all these tasks. The NKR authorities undertake necessary
steps to construct, repair, reequip new schools, and improve social
position and working conditions of teachers. The sums provided by
budget of 2008 for the sphere of education and science are higher
than the level of means allocated in 2007 by 27 percent. I also want
to note that in 2009 teachers’ salaries are to be increased by 30
percent. The processes will be of prolonged nature, while problems
existing in the sphere of education and science will be in the focus
of Republic leadership’s attention in the future as well.

Dear teachers!

I again congratulate you on this wonderful holiday and wish strong
health, happiness and great successes in your important and responsible

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