NA Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan’s congratulation of Teacher’s Day

NA Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan’s congratulation of Teacher’s Day
04.10.2008 17:39

President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia Hovik
Abrahamyan congratulated the teachers on their holiday. The
congratulatory message states, in part:

`After the invention of letters the most essential task of maintaining
the national identity has been entrusted to teachers. For centuries
teachers have kept bright the comprehension of necessity of knowledge.
More than ever, today we attach importance to education and knowledge
for the development of independent statehood.

Issues of education and science have always been at the core of
attention of the National Assembly and the Parliament will continue
doing its best to improve the existing laws in line with requirements
of the time and legally solve the problems of the sphere if necessary.

Dear teachers, on your Day I want to wish you the most important `
patience, vigor and love for carrying out your important mission. The
future of the citizen of our country starts from you, and let this
understanding be a support for you every day you enter the classroom.

I render my warmest congratulations to thousands of our teachers of the
Diaspora, who solve the issue of maintaining of our national identity.
Thank you and good luck.’
From: Baghdasarian

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