Will YSU Rector Be Discharged?


[12:19 pm] 24 September, 2008

Rumours are about that the Rector of Yerevan State University Aram
Simonian will be dismissed from office. At the beginning of the new
academic year Aram Simonian said "no one can discharge me but the
YSU Council."

The Head of the YSU Press Service, Karen Grigorian finds the rumours
about Simonian’s dismissal calumny.

Asked whether the gossips have a grain of truth, Karen Grigorian said,
"I see no grain of truth as the rumours are groundless. There is
no mention about the one who is going to relieve Simonian. Besides,
no reasons for the dismissal are given."

It is due to mention that the YSU Rector is elected and not
appointed. The Rector appoints the University Council comprising of
YSU professors, Government representatives, members of the Ministry
of Education and Science and students.

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