Stepan Demirchian: Elections Should Not Be Criminalized


Noyan Tapan

Se p 24, 2008

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 24, NOYAN TAPAN. "The opposition is now accused of
politicizing the elections, but the elections are just a political
process, it is a different matter that elections should not be
criminalized," Stepan Demirchian, the Chairman of the People’s Party
of Armenia, stated at the September 24 press conference.

According to him, the opposition will continue the legal way
considering that they can achieve a result only in case they fight
within the framework of the Constitution.

As regards possible change of tactics of fight carried out by the
opposition against the authorities, the PPA leader said that there is
always a necessity to correct tactics, but it does not mean that no
rallies will be held. Meanwhile, according to Demirchian, opposition’s
fight will not be limited to only holding of rallies.

Touching upon the investigation regarding the March 1 events,
S. Demirchian stressed that no unbiassed investigation has been carried
out up to the present, on the contrary, the policy of slurring over
the case and laying the blame on the opposition continues. As regards
hearing through opposition figures, according to Stepan Demirchian,
"they would rather hear through and publish talks of Robert Kocharian
and a murderer, whose name I do not want to mention."

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