Opposition Should Demand Possibility Of Live Broadcast, Tatul Manase


Noyan Tapan

Se p 19, 2008

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 19, NOYAN TAPAN. Authoritarian regimes always
try to keep electronic media under strict control, and the Armenian
authorities are not an exception from that point of view. Emanuel
Margarian, the Spokesperson of the Nor Zhamanakner (New Times)
party, stated at the discussion organized on September 19 at the
National Press Club. According to him, NZ is among the forces that was
periodically and deliberately forced from media sphere. As an example
he reminded that during the entire campaign of 2007 parliamentary
elections only three TV reportings on NZ were broadcast. And the
results of media monitoring during the election campaign are evidence
that materials regarding the Republican Party exceeded the number of
materials on NZ 100-fold.

Former RA National Assembly deputy Tatul Manaserian said that we have
lack of professionalism in the media sphere today. In particular,
according to his observation, news is not separated from commentary
and is presented in a very subjective way.

Touching upon TV companies’ activity, T. Manaserian stated that "some
media consider that they are servants of three power branches." Today
the opposition, in former deputy’s opinion, parallel to holding
rallies should demand a possibility of live broadcast. Opposition’s
speech by live broadcast in case of being brief and apt can change
much in home political sphere.


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