BAKU: The Turkish President Inspired By The Visit To Yerevan Express


Azerbaijan Business Center
Sept 11 2008

Baku, Fineko/ Nagorno-Karabakh conflict was in the center
of attention during yesterday’s discussion between Presidents Ilham
Aliyev of Azerbaijan and Abdullah Gul of Turkey in Baku.

I.Aliyev said that today economies of Turkey and Azerbaijan are so
strong that nothing could influence their successful development, but
if they can settle the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, which I hope for,
then the two countries’ development will be more intensive. We want
that. We aim at peacemaking in the region. I am saying again: to do
that we only need the will and Armenian Government to make wise steps.

Both Presidents are in opinion that new Armenian Government will keep
making efforts to solve the problem.

"There are definite encouraging factors and information. For sure,
I would not like to pass ahead of the events, but we are looking
at future with growing hopes. I want to believe that thanks to the
efforts of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia as well as other countries we
will provide the peace in the region," I.Aliyev said.

Abdullah Gul said that the main subject is a new situation appeared.

"After the Georgian events we, as statesmen and leaders, need
to analyze the situation correctly and thoroughly and display the
politic will. I hope Nagorno-Karabakh problem will be solved through
the dialogue, mutual understanding and reciprocal meetings. We think
that there is a new opportunity appeared for regulating the problem
that has not found its solution during 17 passed years. From that
point of view I returned from Armenia with hopes. I believe the
conflict will be solved by means of meetings," A.Gul said.

The further solution format has to take into account territorial
integrity of Azerbaijan.

"Undoubtedly, the release of occupied lands will be a
large step causing very efficient economic cooperation in the
region. Pipelines and railways we were talking about will cover the
whole Caucasus. Therefore, we need to estimate a new opportunity and
not to continue "frozen conflicts", but to regulate them. I hope the
regional countries will estimate it well by preferring peaceful ways,"
A.Gul said.

The Turkish President for the first time visited Yerevan on September 6
to watch the football match between Turkish and Armenian teams. Within
his "sport-tour" he held consultations with the President of Armenia
Serzh Sargsyan and invited him to watch the reciprocal match in 2009.

In the end of consultations Armenia declared that in 2009 it could
start power export to Turkey. Its source is nuclear power plant,
degreasing of which was objected by Azerbaijan.

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