Self Determination Is The Way Forward For The World (Kurdistan Or Ti

By Peter Stitt

Kurdish Aspect
Aug 21 2008

In response to the article "Put Kirkuk to a vote, analysts say"
carried by UPI I have to applaud their findings.

The current problems between Georgia and Russia date back to the
drawing of the regional boundaries of Georgia that included two
completely Russian areas being placed under Georgian jurisdiction. When
everyone else in the UK was complaining abut Russia’s recent military
actions I was saying that they were defending "Russian people" who had
been attacked by the Georgian government forces. That border decision
was made at the same time as Sevres and Lausanne, the division of
Ireland, the ceding of an entirely Armenian area to Azerbejan. All of
these decisions, made by utter idiots who bought their commissions,
has led to over a hundred years of conflict and endless suffering
for untold millions.

The bottom line is that the people who live in what can be defined
as a territory should be able to decide which regional authority they
wish to belong to. Self determination is the only way forward and so
it is with Kirkuk.

And just to annoy the Turkomen who would love to believe that their
people have been there since the beginning of time, the Persians have
a better claim on Kirkuk than you have so shut up immediately. So
how about the people who were there before the Persian Empire? The
Kurds and other peoples, certainly not Turks who appeared on the
scene thousands of years later. An independent referendum in Kirkuk
is long overdue and it would be a constitutional betrayal by the Iraqi
government if it were not to occur. If that occurred then I guarantee
another one hundred years of conflict in the area and I will gladly
contribute personally to it.

On another related issue may I ask all Kurds at every level, from
government officials to private citizens, to please take into account
the feelings and history of the Assyrians and Armenians. Kurdistan
needs friends and so do they. Individually you are nothing but
collectively you could be formidable. There is a potentially huge
common cause of the smaller peoples of the middle-east/Asia minor
there, use it Kurdistan, Armenia and Assyria.

At the end of the day I am just another human being who wants to see
"fair play" but all of us have a voice and it is our duty to make
that voice heard for Kurds, Armenians, for Assyrians and, yes, also,
for Turks, Iranians, Syrians and Iraqis. That’s what puts us above
the politicians, we see people not profit.

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