Tanamor Crashes Out


Thursday, August 14, 2008

FOR the third straight Olympiad, the Philippines will go home without a
boxing medal after Harry Tañamor, the lone entry, lost in the round
of 32 to Ghana’s Manyo Plange.

Tañamor, the third-best prospect to win the gold in Beijing, was the
overwhelming favorite in the match but the African champion showed
no respect for the Pinoy’s credentials.

A head shot put Ghana ahead before Tañamor quickly leveled the match.

The Pinoy went to the body late in the first round but his flurries
didn’t count, instead, he trailed 1-2 at the end of the first.

It was a similar story in the second and third rounds as Tañamor’s
body hunting failed to impress the judges while a counterpunch to
the put Plange ahead 2-5.

Tañamor, who finished second in the World Championships in Chicago
last year, failed to score a single point in round 3 and his last
ditch efforts in the final round netted him only a point.

In the other bouts, Lukasz Maszczyk of Poland, defeated Saidu Kargbo,
Sierra Leone, (RSC 1:32); Birzhan Zhakypov Kazakhstan defeated Pal
Bedak, Hungary, 7-6;

Hovhannes Danielyan of Armenia defeated Thomas Essomba, Cameroon,
9-3; Nordine Oubaali of France defeated Rafikjon Sultonov, Uzbekistan,
8-7; Zou Shiming of China defeated Eduard Bermudez Salas, Venezuela,
11-2; and Winston Montero of the Dominican Republic defeated Suleiman
Wanjau Bilali.

Meanwhile, Shiming began his quest for China’s first boxing gold medal
in style Wednesday with an 11-2 victory over Bermudez of Venezuela
in the light flyweight division as the Olympics’ biggest and smallest
boxers began wrapping up the tournament’s preliminary bouts.

Deontay Wilder stopped the US team’s freefall with a brutal
come-from-behind victory over Algeria’s Abdelaziz Touilbini, while
Osmai Acosta shut out his Nigerian opponent to open his chase for
Cuba’s fifth consecutive Olympic heavyweight title.

Zou became a national hero for winning China’s first boxing medal with
a bronze in Athens, and he followed it up with world championships in
2005 and 2007. Though the martial-arts-trained Zou often struggles to
make his 48-kilogram weight limit, he doesn’t seem to lose much power.

Zou entered Workers’ Gymnasium with both arms stretched high,
pumping his gloves with frenetic vigor to a huge ovation from the
two-thirds-full arena. (ML with a report from AP)


From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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