Tbilisi’s German Coach Flees Georgian Capital


International Herald Tribune
The Associated Press
August 11, 2008

FRANKFURT, Germany: The German coach of Dinamo Tbilisi and six foreign
players have fled the Georgian capital and traveled to Germany because
of the conflict with Russia.

The group left Tbilisi by bus to the border with Armenia, crossed
on foot and then took another bus to the Armenian capital Yerevan,
from where it flew to Germany, coach Rainer Zobel told German news
agency DPA on Monday.

"Strategic points around Tbilisi have been attacked so we had to
leave," Zobel was quoted as saying.

Russian jets launched new raids on Georgian territory Monday,
continuing the Russian-Georgian conflict that blew up over the weekend
after a Georgian offensive to regain control of the other breakaway
province of South Ossetia.

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