The Number Of People Visiting The NKR Is Increasing


Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2008-07-30 11:29
Nagorno-Karabakh Republic

According to the data of the NKR Consular Service, tourists from
Russia, the USA, France, Germany, Iran, Poland, Japan, Belgium,
Greece, Canada, etc.

visited the NKR in the first 6 month of 2008. The number of tourists
has increased by 10% as compared with the same period of 2007.

Besides ethnic Armenians, representatives of various nationalities,
especially young people visited the NKR. The geography of those
visiting the Nagorno Karabakh Republic is expanding. Citizens of Chile,
Uruguay, Singapore, South Korea, India, etc. have visited the NKR
in the current year. Maximum inrush of tourists is observed between
May and October. The historical-architectural monuments and monastic
complexes, such as Amaras (4-19 c.), Dadivank (4-13 c.) Gandzasar (13
c.), as well as the ancient cave of Azokh, etc. are the most-frequently
visited places.

Tourism is supposed to be one of the higher-priority spheres of the
NKR economy. Good hotel service promotes the influx of tourists. It
should also be mentioned that hotel business is considered to be
one of the most perspective fields of the region. Currently, several
dozens of modern hotels operate in Nagorno Karabakh.