Serge Sargsian Visits University Examination Center On Subject "Phys


Noyan Tapan

Au gust 1, 2008

YEREVAN, AUGUST 1, NOYAN TAPAN. The Armenian president Serge Sargsian
on August 1 visited the higher educational institution entrance
examination center on "Physics" subject. The center is located at the
State Engineering Univeristy of Armenia. After visiting the center,
S. Sargsian had a short conversation with parents of university

The president was accompanied by the RA minister of education and
science Spartak Seyranian, in whose words, "Physics" examination
center was chosed as a place to be visited by the president for the
reason that a lot of university entrants take exams on this subject.

The minister said that the exams passed well in terms of their
organization, and in this connection there were no complaints from
the entrants and their parents. On the other hand, many examination
commissions did not register the maximum 20 points, and in general
the number of entrants who received 18-20 points was quite small. The
number of those to receive 14-14.5 points was the largest one due to
the fact that as compared with previous years, higher standards of
examinations were used this year. S. Seyranian expressed an opinion
that the lowest passing score may be lowered for a number of subjects
as compared with previous years.

It was mentioned that unlike the previous years, no cases of expert
disputes on contents of exam papers were registered this year. "The
republican commission on entrance examinations is satisfied with
general objectivity, which is reflected in the low number of complaints
about exam scores".

He reminded that the last day of exams is August 4, 3 days after
which the examination of complaints will be completed, and the contest
process will start. The minister expressed confidence that the list
of those who entered the higher educational institutions will be
published no later than on August 14.

The chairman of the exam commission on "Physics" Roma Alaverdian said
that over 2,000 entrants took exams on this subject. The highets score
was 19.8 points. Those to have received 15-17 points make the largest
number, and as compared with previous years, the level of knowledge
of examinees on "Physics" did not change notably. R. Alaverdian also
underlined a considerable decline in the number of complaints about
exam scores: about 2% of entrants filed such complaints, and in most
cases the scores were raised by 1 point.