Javakhk Events Shattered Illusions About ‘Democratic And Europeanize


01.08.2008 14:40 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ With the recent violence in Javakhk, Georgian
military and policing branch of government has demonstrated that the
country can’t become a member of western military and political blocs,
an Armenian expert said.

"The events in Javakhk shattered illusions about a ‘democratic and
Europeanized Georgia’. Illegal intrusion into the houses and arrests as
well as illegal detainment of elderly relations of Armenian activists
create an impression that Georgia has become a medieval principality
with no law and civil rights and where the local princes have full
control over the residents," Eduard Abrahamyan, expert at Mitq
analytical center told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter.

"Akhalkalaki police chief Samvel Petrosyan acts as "prince"
here. He actually ruined his part, incurring displeasure of the
Georgian authorities and angering the Armenian population. The
republic’s leadership will never excuse blunders in the process of
neutralization of Armenian activists. Petrosyan will apparently be
replaced by a young mercenary official who will spare no effort to
subdue the freedom-loving Armenians of Javakhk. The recent events
are the start of Georgian lawlessness and forcible assimilation of
Javakheti Armenians," he said.

"Due to complete lack of information, the Armenian population of
Javakhk sometimes invents various versions of Gurgen Shirinyan’s
escape, the only fighter against Georgian illegal actions, who has
become a hero for the Javakheti youth. Under the circumstances, Armenia
should take the only outlet to the Black Sea under its political,
economic and public control," Abrahamyan said.