Saint Cross Church Of Crimea


Hayots Ashkhar Daily
Published on July 31, 2008

We have already told you that on July 29 Armenian President Serge
Sargsyan and Catholics of All Armenians Garegin B participated in
the ceremony dedicated to the 650th anniversary of Saint Cross Church
in Crimea.

Saint Cross is the most significant center of Crimean – Armenian

It is located 4 km Southwest from the city Old Crimea, on the terrace
of the mountain "Saint Cross". The manuscripts about the church were
first written in 1347, though this church has been built much later
in 1358 by the help of Hovhannes kronavor, his brothers and religious
followers. The construction records of the church testify to this fact.

In 14-18 centuries Saint Cross used to be a big religious and cultural
center. It used to have its religious school, and a library, besides
being an Episcopal residence. As a religious center the complex
functioned up to 1920.