BAKU: Latif Gandilov: "We Expect Kazakhstan To Be Objective In The K


July 31 2008

Relations between Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan and on a high level and
comprises over 90 documents, signed in the years of independence,
said ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Azerbaijan to
Kazakhstan Latif Gandilov, speaking on the current level of relations
between the two countries.

Asked about the reasons of Kazakhstan’s failure to support Azerbaijan
initiated resolution in UN he said there are certainly some problems
between us, especially, the one mentioned, but this misunderstanding
will make us intensify our activity for Kazakhstan to understand
our opinion.

"Anyway, this circumstance could not affect our relations, as
Kazakhstan always supported the territorial integrity of government,
which has repeatedly been staged on various levels. It was also
confirmed by speaker of Kazakh parliament Kasimzhomart Tokayev, the
second official of the state, during his recent visit to Baku on the
occasion of the 90th anniversary of Milli Medjlis"

He said the strengthening of cooperation between the two countries is
determined by the fate and it is promoted by our national, cultural
and ethnic similarities.

"We need each other. Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan are closely cooperating
in transport and energy sector"

He said the relations in transport and energy spheres are a good
indicator of level of ties between Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan,
adding that economic interests always make the states closer in the
political sense.

As for the soonest chairmanship of Kazakhstan in the OSCE, he said
Azerbaijan expects Kazakhstan to be objective.

"Armenian people have already self-determined. They have their
own state. We, from our side, are able to ensure the rights of all
national minorities, including Armenians, residing in Azerbaijan,
in the framework of our territorial integrity. This principle is
executed in a form of granting highest autonomy to the Armenian
residents of Nagorno Karabakh.

He also voiced support for the peaceful resolution of the Karabakh
conflict, stating, however, that it is primarily necessary to
restore the territorial integrity of our country, release lands from
occupation, return refugees there, create conditions for normal
coexistence of both communities, ensure their rights, after which
they can move forward to normalization of relations.

According to the ambassador, Armenians still attempt to mislead
the society.

"For example, they state the need to define Karabakh’s fate by way of
referendum, though all Azerbaijanis have been expelled from Karabakh.

He also spoke of the activity of the Azerbaijani diaspora in Kazakhstan
and involvement of our compatriots into the sociopolitical life of the
country of residence, stating that the Kazakh citizens of Azerbaijani
origin should find their worthy place in the society.

"If so, they will be able to inform the society of the truth about
our state and our people", said he and added that we should intensify
our activity for the complete use of potential in this sphere.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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