Authorities Obviously Exert Pressure Upon Judicial Process, NA Zhara


Noyan Tapan

Ju ly 31, 2008

YEREVAN, JULY 31, NOYAN TAPAN. Taking part in many trials on case
of people arrested by political motives, members of the RA National
Assembly Zharangutiun (Heritage) faction have recorded many violations,
which, as they evaluate it, in the procedural respect cast doubt on
fairness of the judicial procedure. These are giving small halls,
support of prosecution by police instruction, neglect of evidence by
the court, etc. However, the situation formed in the sphere lately,
according to the faction’s July 30 statement, does not fit into
any logic.

"Judicial instructors with obvious violation of law prohibited NA
deputy Zaruhi Postanjian to take part in the trial on the case of
Karen Tarkhanian.

During the trial on the case of Smbat Ayvazian not only it was
forced to hold the procedure in one of the smallest halls of general
jurisdiction court of Yerevan’s Kentron and Nork-Marash communities,
but also policemen were brought to the court in advance, who took most
seats in the hall. In fact, dozens of Smbat Ayvazian’s relatives and
friends were left out of the hall," faction statement read. According
to the deputies’ observation, the RA authorities obviously exert
pressure upon the judicial process.

This is a manifestation of "black hundred terror" in judicial procecces
formed and proceeding in Armenia. Therefore, the independence of the
judicial power, open process of judicial sittings, right of publicity
of judicial enquiry stipulated by the RA Constitution are obviously
violated with these actions," Zharangutiun faction members state.

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