Armentel Is Fined


AZG Armenian Daily


The State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition
(SCPEC) fined ArmenTel for the abuse of monopoly on the
infrastructure. ArmenTel has been fined already for three times
over the past four years. The SCPEC finds that ArmenTel misuses its
dominant position and violates the law on the protection of economic
competition. July 31 ArmenTel was fined 2 percent of its last year’s
income – not more than 300 million drams. The decision was made
on the applications submitted by "Web," "Arminco" and "CrossNet"
Companies. The companies state that the High Line Internet service
offered by ArmenTel should provide equal basis to Internet providers
in light of high-quality and cheap Internet. According to the SCPEC
ArmenTel did not allow other providers to enter the market, which
causes or may cause unequal opportunities for the competition. ArmenTel
was given 30 days to eliminate the breach and meet the SCPEC demands,
reports the SCPEC press service.