17 Companies Pretend To The Place Of The Third Mobile Operator In Ar


2008-07-31 16:00:00

ArmInfo. A total of 17 companies pretend to take part in the
competition for getting license to act as the third mobile operator
in Armenia.

Armenian Transport and Communication Ministry told ArmInfo, they are:
France Telecom (France), CEO Blackrock Communications (Ireland),
V-Tel (Jordan), GEO (England), M$A Tele2AB (Sweden), Knightsbridge
International Telecommunications Holding (Egypt), Aetos Consulting
Limited (Englad), Kalba International (Egypt), AAA Capital GmbH
(Germany), Auroratel (Russian Federation), PJ Engineering (Finland),
EEC group (Egypt), mmC Group (Spain), Samsson group (Germany). SALEM
AGENCIES AND SERVICES CO (SAS) and JGAG also want to take part in
the competition, but it is not clear what countries they present.

The Competition Commission will mention the companies which passed
the first stage of the competition over 40 days. Then over the next 40
days these companies will present their application-suggestions. The
name of the their mobile operator will be declared in December.

As Chairman of Public Services Regulatory Commission Robert Nazaryan
said earlier, today two mobile operators are functioning in Armenia,
BeeLine and VivaCell, and coming of the third operator may tighten
the competition. In its turn this will lead to raising communication
quality and reducing of tariffs.

The third operator will be allowed to provide internet services and in
the future – fixed telephony services within granted radio frequencies.

Nazaryan says that the local telecoms market is quite attractive for
big operators. Today the two acting operators have a total of 1.7mln
subscribers while the population of Armenia is 3.2mln. Nazaryan said
that the third operator might gain over some of their subscribers if
it provides high quality and moderate price services.

The third mobile operator may start its activities in Armenia in the
early summer 2009 – 6 months after being proclaimed the winner of
the tender.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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