Smbat Aivazian Urges To Continue Struggle


[06:40 pm] 30 July, 2008

"I have come to see you," said member of the political board of
the Hanrapetutiun Party Smbat Aivazian on entering the crowded
court-hall. It is already five months Aivazian is imprisoned.

"Someone asked me at the previous sitting whether I became
despondent. During the 158 days of my custody I used to measure my
temperature every day but I never lost heart," added Smbat Aivazian.

I have come to pass you my great energy and enthusiasm accumulated
in the prison cell during those days. I want to recall the Sparapet’s
words: "Within 100 or 1000 years each nation should fight a struggle
till the end." We started our struggle for independence and justice in
1990 and are determined to carry it on. I am touched by your support
but I don’t want to express gratitude as we all struggle for the
Cause. We don’t want Armenia to become an authoritarian country,"
stated Aivazian before the Judge’s appearance.

The court sitting will continue on August 5.