Most Part Of RA Migrants Engaged In Construction Sphere Abroad


Noyan Tapan

Ju ly 30, 2008

YEREVAN, JULY 30, NOYAN TAPAN. The RA National Statistical Service and
the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Issues with the support of the
UN Population’s Fund conducted a study to clear up the foreign and
domestic migration tendences recorded in the past years in Armenia
in consequence of socio-economic reforms. As Garik Hayrapetian, the
Deputy Representative of UN Population’s Fund in Armenia, said on
July 29, during the presentation of the study results, the report
under the title Selective Study of Foreign and Domestic Migration
reflects changes recorded in migration processes in 2002-2007, its
main quantitative and qualitative indices.

8.5% of 2500 households taking part in the selective study was
involved in foreign migration processes. 30.1% of them had returned
from abroad. 41.9% of those returning from abroad has secondary
education, 24.8% vocational education, 21.1% higher education. 56.7%
of migrants returning from abroad was engaged in the sphere of
construction abroad and 15.3% in the sphere of trade. The most part,
80.8% returning migrants had arrived from RF.

3.2% members of households taking part in the study were involved in
domestic migration processes.