K-Telecom A Top List Of Biggest Armenian Taxpayers For Jan/June 2008


July 29, 2008

YEREVAN, July 29. /ARKA/. K-Telecom (VivaCell trademark), one of two
Armenian mobile telecommunication operators, topped the list of the
biggest Armenian taxpayers for Jan/June 2008. The company was fourth
at the same period a year earlier.

State tax agency says that K-Telecom paid AMD 15 billion at the
first half of 2008 against 7.4 billion at the same period of the
previous year.

According to the tax agency, AMD 12.1 billion was collected directly
by tax agencies and 2.9 billion by customs agencies.

Direct taxes (profit and income taxes) totaled AMD 5.8
billion. Indirect taxes, including VAT and excise tax, amounted to
AMD 8.3 billion.

Another 973.7 million was received as other taxes, duties and binding

ArmRosgasprom was placed second in the list of the largest taxpayers.

Kit paid AMD 9.4 billion to the state budget in 2008, while in 2007
the company was placed atop the list.

Tax agencies collected AMD 8.7 billion and customs agencies AMD
672.4 million.

Other large taxpayers are ArmenTel with its AMD 8.2 billion paid in
Jan/June 2008 against AMD 10.1 billion at the same period in 2007,
Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Plant having transferred about AMD 8 billion
against 9.7 billion earlier and oil trading Gor Petrol Service and
Flash, who added 4.9 billion and 4.8 billion to the state budget
against 4.1 bill ion and 4.4 billion at the same period a year earlier.

Alex-Grig with 4.4 billion, Armenian Electric Networks 3.4 billion
and Armenian Railway with 3.3 billion paid to the state budget are
singled out as well. ($1=AMD 301.31)