"Iranian President Ahmadinedzad Should Be Killed"


AZG Armenian Daily


Shalom Freidman wrote in an article published in an Israeli newspaper
"Aruts sheva", according to "Fars" agency. He mentioned, " Iranian
President is leaving for the USA to participate in the UN General
Assembly. It is a convenient occasion for those and those organizations
who are organizing an attempt on Mahmoud Ahmadinedzad’s life. It will
be easier to unleash war on Iran. The person that kills the Iranian
President will provide services not only for Israel but also for the
whole world".

Though Freidman wrote that the assassination of Ahmadinedzad will not
lead to any change in the system of government in Iran and will not
have any influence on the Iranian nuclear program, moreover, Israel,
USA and its allies will become a target for this Islamic state,
anyway, it is worth killing him because without Ahmadinedzad the
Iranian state will not seek for creation of nuclear weapon.

By the way, during his visit to Iraq Iranian President Mahmoud
Ahmadinedzad announced that the USA is organizing an attempt on
his life.