Iran-Armenia Union Of Friendship

By Susanna Sardarian

AZG Armenian Daily


It is already a year that Iran-Armenia Union of Friendship (IAUF)
has started its activities with the help of its 15 founders. Then
administrative personnel and investigation body have been elected. It
has five professional committees – cultural, art, literary and
tourism; public, informational, mass media and NGOs; scientific,
technical, educational and research; economic, trade and industrial;
sport and youth.

The main goal of Iran-Armenia Union of Friendship is strengthening and
development of friendly relations of the peoples of the two countries
in the spheres of science, art, economy, technologies, trade, public,
communication, etc.

On July 14 took place the foundation ceremony of Iran-Armenia Union
of Friendship in "Ararat" sport-complex of Tehran. Many Armenian and
Persian guests participated in the ceremony.

IAUF Chairman Levon Aharonian, former Iranian Ambassador to Armenia
Alireza Haghighian, Armenian Ambassador to Iran Karen Nazarian,
the first Iranian Ambassador to Armenia Sobhani, Chairman of
the Council of the Armenian diocese in Tehran Aida Hovhannisian,
Persian literary critic Musavi Garmarudi and Deputy of Spahan and
South Iranian-Armenians in the Parliament of Iran Robert Beglarian
delivered speeches.

The ceremony ended with a banquet.