Hrant Dink Murder Organized By "Ergenekon"

By H. Chaqrian

AZG Armenian Daily

Recently became known about the murder attempt plotted by the Turkish
"Ergenekon" extremist terror group against Archbishop Mesrop II
Moutafian, Armenian Patriarch of Constantinople. On July 28 "Sabah"
newspaper declared that the scandalous murder of Hrant Dink was
organized by the same "Ergenekon" organization.

"Sabah" assures that the terror organization stands behind the
murder of catholic priest Santoro in Trabzon, of four members of
the "Zirve" publishing house in Malatia and, as it was mentioned,
of Hrant Dink. Due to the extreme secrecy applied by "Ergenekon"
and the cellular type of administrative organization, those facts
were not proved and the investigations did not go beyond capturing
the murderers and people immediately involved.

The Turkish newspaper also points out that most of the murderers
were unaware whose interests they serve to and who ordered their
actions. "Nevertheless the aims and the results of the realized
murders clearly display that they were organized from the same center
in order to spread anarchy, chaos and terror in the country as well
as to harm the international reputation of Turkey"