Big Stores Closed In Yerevan

20:24 29/07/2008

The State Tax Service suspended the general work of 9 big stores in
Yerevan for 5-10 days. Alina Khudoyan, the head of information and
public relations department said to that the first floor
department of "Hayastan" supermarket, "Arbat", "Parma", "Sallex Grig",
"Zovq", "Bakalea", "Father and Sons Aramyanner", "Davit-90", "Pundj"
supermarkets are closed. The reason of suspending the general activity
of these supermarkets is their habit of not providing ATM.

Totally 23 big stores have been under control of the Tax Service, and
in all of those stores common violations have been revealed. Above
mentioned stores differ from the rest as it was the second or the
third time they did not provide ATM.