BAKU: Azerbaijan’s Consul In Los Angeles Elin Suleymanov Visits The


July 30 2008

Azerbaijan’s consul general in Los Angeles Elin Sulemanov visited the
Women’s Media Watch of the Union of Women Journalists of Azerbaijan.

Commenting on the reason of opening of the Azerbaijani consulate in
Los Angeles two years ago, Suleymanov listed several important factors:

"Los Angeles is the second larger city in the United States. It
takes the third place after New York and Hong Kong for the number of
diplomatic missions and consulates. Moreover, it is difficult to have
only one diplomatic representative office in such a large country
as the United States. I have worked in the Azerbaijani embassy to
Washington. Though the embassy is active and busy, it is impossible
to work for the whole country.

On the other hand, the influence of the western region of the United
States on its overall policy is quite strong and is growing with each
passing day. Moreover, Armenian population of this part of the United
States, is the most densely populated community beyond Armenia. It
all caused the reason for our expansion".

Asked how they resist influence of the Armenian diaspora, the consul
general noted that the US residents from Armenia are primarily the
internal problem of the United States:

"How can we resist internal issues of the United States?! Even if
they are from Armenia, they are primarily the citizens of the United
States. Our fight includes two methods. The first-periodical talks
with the US side, stating importance of this problem for the US
interests and for the voters of the non-Armenian origin. The second
is to inform the Americans that Azerbaijan is an open and tolerant
state with stable and pragmatic outlook and they should not worsen
relations between our countries only for a group of people.

The consul general also highly appreciated Azerbaijan’s ability to
say its word and raise the issue on the international arena: "Let’s
take for example the recent resolution, adopted in the UN. It was
a good lesson for us. Why did the United States, which do not stop
talking of democracy, refuse to admit the truth at least once? Where
were our "friends" who recommended something to us or showed the right
way to us constantly? Are interests of a small group more important,
or couldn’t the United States, Russia and France unite to recognize
the independence and the vote of such a small state as Azerbaijan.

Answering the questions of women journalists about differences in the
positions on the concepts of democracy and human rights, Suleymanov
said the following:

"Can you imagine that once the Azerbaijani ambassador declares
intention to spend $3 mln for development of democracy in America? It
will be an insult for them! The programs are too different. If we
arrange an exchange of students or propose a cultural program, no
one will say anything to us, while offering money is inappropriate
for the US citizens… The formulation of a problem as "I am the
cleverest and I can teach you" is a negative thing".

Commenting on the resolution of the Karabakh problem, Elin Suleymanov

"I do hope that we will be able to settle the Karabakh problem
peacefully. War is a tragedy. Each of us should ask a question to
himself: "Are we ready to live without Karabakh?" I think it is
impossible. The world should realize that we, Azerbaijanis, and our
society do not intend to live without Karabakh. It is a question of
choice-either we return Karabakh or Azerbaijan will not exist without
Karabakh! We should persuade the world society of it".