What’s The Use Of Uniting?


29 July, 2008

A number of parties, which consider themselves patriotic
pro-opposition, have united against Levon Ter-Petrossian and his
co-thinkers, and hold consultations on the country’s political
problems. The parties include: Constitutional Right Union (CRU),
National Self-Determination Union, Armenian Liberal Progressive Party,
Armenian Christian Democratic Party, National Democratic Union and
United Communist Party.

Today Chairman of CRU Hayk Babukhanian and Ara Sahakian from Levon
Ter-Petrossian’s team were hosted at the "Hayeli" Club for a debate
on the above-mentioned issue.

Hayk Babukhanian was trying to convince the journalists that the
newly-formed union enjoys the sympathy of 60% of people. According
to him these are the people who voted neither for the authority, nor
for Levon Ter-Petrossian. However, Ara Sahakian found this statement
illogical, as it means that presently the country is ruled by a party
that enjoys the sympathy of only 40% of people. "Our party does not
aim at making a turnover," Babukhanian answered.

Ara Sahakyan was not inclined to criticize the initiative of Hayk
Babukhanian and his friends and found it normal for a new political
partnership to consider itself opposition. Sahakyan believes
that parties can hold consultations and can even call themselves
"patriotic", as name is not important in political matters. After all,
Sahakyan notes, fifty years ago about 100.000 babies in the Soviet
Union were named Vladimir with the hope that they would grow up and
rule the world, but only one of them became Putin. Thus, a lot of
names can be given but names do not change the essence; the latter
is reflected in actions.

In reply Hayk Babukhanian said he had concluded from the actions
of Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s team that they are "traitors". "Various
labels of treason have been attached to Levon Ter-Petrossian but
there none of them has been proved. Great gossips travel about great
people. Ter-Petrossian is a great person, who is doing great work,"
concluded Sahakian.