Ombudsman Presents Petition For MP


29 July, 2008

RA Defender of Human Rights Armen Harutyunian has turned to Attorney
General Aghvan Hovsepian with the request to review the preventive
punishment applied against Myasnik Malkhasian.

The work team organized on the assignment of the Ombudsman today
visited the "Yerevan-Kentron" Penitentiary of the Ministry of
Health. They met Head of the penitentiary and inquired about Myasnik
Malkhasian’s health state.

As the Head informed, Medical Consultant Khanamirian was asked to
examine Myasnik Malkhasian as the latter felt bad. Examination showed
that Malkhasian suffers from diabetes. Malkhasian also has regular
headaches, blood pressure instability, and sickness. He has digestive
problems too.

General Endocrinologist of the "Armenia" medical center Manukian,
who was invited to examine Myasnik Malkhasian, advised the patient
to be hospitalized in case it was possible.