Levon’s Supporters Must Firstly Orient Themselves

Naira Khachatryan

Hayots Ashkhar Daily
Published on July 29, 2008

Touching upon the internal political situation during his meeting
with the journalists in "Urbat" club yesterday Edward Sharmazanov said
those pro-oppositional forces that make up part of the "pan-national"
movement and give up the post-election developments are trying to
strengthen their place and role in the political domain.

"As for the question regarding what will August 1 demonstration change
in terms of the post-election developments, in my view – nothing. It
can change certain moods. But I don’t think this demonstration, or,
as Ter-Petrosyan’s supporters state, their demand for the President’s
resignation, will change anything. We have overcome the post-election
developments and as the President and the Prime Minister underscored
it is high time to work hard," the speaker underscored.

He considers natural the announcements regarding the final stage of
the elections.

Have you ever seen any pro-opposition force to say: "We are going to
retreat." or "Our actions are not firm."

Edward Sharmazanov says the demonstration-based logic adopted by
Ter-Petrosyan’s supporters is not effective at this stage: "It would
have been more effective for them to be involved in constructive
activities, particul arly in "March 1" committee, instead of adopting
denial policy. As for the parliamentary opposition, "Heritage" party,
they should have been both involved in the works of the committee and
accepted the proposal made by the coalition to hold the position of
the chairman of one of the committees.

Edward Sharmazanov says the formation of "Armenian National Congress"
is a regular process of the parties’ extension. "I consider it normal
and I accept the formation of Armenian National Congress.

But I see certain contradictions. The first President mentioned that
their final goal is to form a pro-central political force but the
forces that have placed a claim to become members of the congress
are far not pro-central by their ideology.

Recently Musinyan underscored that their actions are aimed at the
formation of a new movement. Thus it would have been better for
them to firstly orient themselves and then to decide whether their
intention is to form a pro-central or a new movement.

"ARFD announced that in case Turkish President visits Armenia they
would organize protests. What is your opinion? Do you think any RPA
member will join Dashnaktsutyun party in this issue?"

In response to this question Edward Sharmazanov said: "Whenever
the Republican party initiates something we declare about it. It is
not like the Chairman of the Party declared something and everyon e
agreed. And the country’s President who is also the chairman of the
party will never do something, which is not in the interest of the
party’s ideology.

Some years back touching upon Armenian-Turkish relations during one
of his interviews Andranik Margaryan underscored that RPA supports
the idea of establishing diplomatic relations with Turkey without
any pre-conditions and, moreover, RPA and the authorities are very
interested in Turkey’s membership to the European Union, because thus
we will have a more predictable neighbor.

Serge Sargsyan’s announcement derives from RPA’s previous actions
and there is no contradiction in this term. And it has been
already declared that the issue of Genocide is not a matter of
discussion. Dashnaktsutyun has got 118 years’ history, they have got
their own approaches and they decide their actions. I respect any
civilized stance of any political party."