BAKU: Armenian Political Scientist Ara Papyan: "Armenia Can Challeng


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Ju ly 29 2008

Armenia remains the assignee of borders, fixed by US president Woodrow
Wilson on November 22 of 1920, said Ara Papyan, head of the Modus
Vivendi Center of Public Research and former Armenian ambassador to
Canada, at a seminar in Yerevan on July 29.

The former ambassador noted that the arbitrary decision of the US
president about the Armenian borders, adopted by the Sevres treaty,
signed between Armenia and Turkey in 1920, remains in effect. He said
the decision will be in force until Armenia signs new contracts on
borders and recognizes the current border with Turkey in line with
the international law.

He said Turkey and the United States have no legal document, in which
the United States recognizes the Turkish borders, adding that Woodrow
Wilson’s decision approved by the state seal, is still valid and has
a power of a law, mandatory for execution by the said country.

"Diplomatic relations between the two countries do not prove that
the countries mutually recognize the borders. Even becoming the UN
member, a country is only recognized as a legal subject, but not in
the framework of its borders", said Papyan. He noted that even after
Sovetization of Armenia, the texts and maps of the League of Nations
showed the eastern border of Turkey in line with Wilson’s decision
until 1924.

According to Papyan, the Kars treaty, signed in 1921, has not the
power of an international law. He noted that the contract was signed
not by the subjects of international law, who signed the Sevres treaty,
but by the Kemal Turkey and Soviet republics.

Papyan said "Armenian still has legal international right for a part
of the territories of eastern Turkey. "Armenia demands from Turkey
not the lands, but recognition of its violating of the international
law and the decision of the arbitrary court of a third country,
according to which Armenia retains its right for these lands",
explained the head of the Center of Public Research, noting that
the post-Soviet Armenia as an assignee of the first republic, also
remains the assignee of the borders, fixed by that arbitrage.

The former ambassador said Armenia is still able to claim its right
for these territories, which were to be transferred to it in line
with the Sevres treaty in the court. He said Armenia has a right to
offer to Turkey to rent these lands or to use them jointly.

Therefore, the construction of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline and
Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railroad is illegal without Armenia’s participation,
which may even claim for the rental fee for the transit of these
projects via its territories, according to Papyan. He also offered
to the Armenian authorities to insist on withdrawal of Turkey’s
armed forces from those territories, leaving only the divisions for
restoration of public order. "The vitally important issue of the
national security of Armenia will thus be settled", said the former
ambassador of Armenia to Canada.

Papyan said Armenia will not be able to ensure its security only by
strengthening its military might. It also needs skillful diplomacy
and persons well acquainted with the international law.