At A Glance: Alcatel-Lucent’s Serge Tchuruk


The Associated Press
29 July 08

NAME: Serge Tchuruk.

AGE: 70. Born in Marseille, France, to parents of Armenian descent,
as Serge Tchurukdichian.

EDUCATION: Graduate of the elite Ecole Polytechnique in Paris.

TITLE: Chairman, Alcatel-Lucent.

CAREER: Started out in Mobil Corp. in France and the U.S., from 1964
to 1979, then moved to chemical company Rhone-Poulenc, becoming
managing director in 1983. In 1986, he became chairman and CEO of
Orkem, another European chemical company. In 1990, he became chairman
and CEO at oil company Total. He joined Alcatel in 1995 as chairman
and CEO, giving up the latter title to Lucent’s Patricia Russo when
Alcatel bought Lucent in 2006.