Arrest, Restraint Chosen To Ararat Zurabian Replaced By Signature On



JU LY 29

An accusation has been brought to 139 people within the framework of
the criminal case filed on the events that happened on March 1-2 in
Yerevan. As of July 28, 15 out of them were in custody, signature
on not leaving the country was chosen on 8 of them, and 4 are in a
search. It was mentioned in the notification sent to the National
Assembly Ad Hoc Commission by the RA Prosecutor General. Commission
Chairman, NA RPA faction Secretary Samvel Nikoyan publicized it at
the July 29 commission sitting.

According to the notification, the part separated from the criminal
case to 21 people has been quashed and the criminal prosecution
stopped. The judicial enquiry on 73 persons on 64 criminal
cases out of 82 criminal cases on 95 persons sent to the court
has finished. Under 64 judgements 5 people have been acquitted,
31 sentenced to imprisonment from 6 months to 6 years, a fine has
been fixed to 4, the punishment has not been used suspendedly to 33
persons with use of Article 70, RA Criminal Code, a probation period
has been fixed. A punishment milder than established by the law has
been fixed with use of Article 64, RA Criminal Code to 1 out of 31
persons sentenced to imprisonment.

As Vahagn Haroutiunian, the senior investigator on especially
important cases of the RA Special Investigation Service, the head of
the investigation group on the March 1-2 criminal case, said at the
commission sitting, by the instruction of RA Prosecutor General, the
preliminary examination body, on July 29, also changed the restraint
chosen to ANM Board Chairman Ararat Zurabian due to worsening of his
health condition, arrest was replaced by a signature on not leaving
the country. According to him, members of the NA Ad Hoc Commission
made such a petition the day before and defendant’s lawyer had made
it earlier.