Armenian Internet-Providers: We Need ‘The Last Mile’ To Install Devi


2008-07-29 15:40:00

Armenian Internet-providers demand access to the ‘last mile’
of ArmenTel telecommunications infrastructure i.e. direct wire
linking telephones of subscribers and operators. Providers say
they will install the necessary devices. Ucom provider company
representative told ArmInfo no large- scale investments are necessary
for it. Providers just need a possiblity to provide Internet-services
like Hi Line of ArmenTel Company.

Thus, the very part of the wire for Internet channel is in question,
due to which clients will get an opportunity to choose their
Internet-provider like in abroad, he explained. Ucom representative
said the network will not be overloaded since a home client will
choose only one provider. In order to fix a reasonable price and to
understand how much we should pay to Armentel we should know much
the company spends on the use of the network and its maintenance.

The spokesperson of ArmenTel (Beeline brand) Anush Begloyan says that
Armentel does not refuse to provide direct lines. Simply, providers
should apply for them beforehand as the company cannot provide lines
on demand.

To remind, as the operator of the telephone network of Armenia,
Armentel has the right of ownership to it and is responsible for its
normal operation and maintenance.