Ararat Zourabian Set Free


29 July, 2008

"The preventive punishment against Ararat Zourabian has been
changed. Zourabian has been set free on signature," Senior Investigator
of Special Investigatory Service Vahagn Harutyunian declared at the
session of the NA ad hoc Commission for 1 March events.

Last week Zurabian’s Lawyer Tigran Ter-Yesayan had presented a petition
to the Special Investigatory Service with the request to change the
defendant’s preventive punishment.

Since July 23 Ararat Zourabian has been in the Scientific-Research
Institute of Cardiology after Hovhannissian. According to the medical
certificate he suffers from stenocardia and hypertonia.

Reminder: Ararat Zourabian, who had been detained since March 10,
is accused under Article 300 /privatization of power/ and Article
225 /organizing mass disorders, followed by murders/.