"Noravank" Foundation’s Role In The Development Process Of Political


"Noravank" Foundation’s "21st Century."
24 July 2008

On July 11 of the current year in "Noravank" foundation was held a
scientific conference titled "the role of "Noravank" Foundation in
the development process of political science." The conference was
convened on the occasion of the 20th jubilee issue of the journal
"21st Century."

At the conference-presentation were discussed the present condition
and problems of the political field in Armenia. The problem was
touched upon by the executive director of "Noravank" Foundation
G. Harutyunyan. He mentioned that the society and the bodies applying
Armenia’s military-political strategy need to be provided adequate
information on the international situation. Realizing the state order,
the "Noravank" experts analyze geopolitical processes in the framework
of political, information, communication and energy security, and work
out theses which make a basis to make well-grounded forecasts about
global and regional possible developments. It is noteworthy the speech
of the conference participant A. Ashotyan, in which the accentuated
the role and significance of "Noravank" Foundation for the Republic of
Armenia in the context of present geopolitical processes. According to
him "Noravank" Foundation’s "21st Century," as the only thr ee-language
(Armenian, Russian, English) political-scientific journal, may present
the analyses of problems and challenges necessary for the RA state and
social work. At the conference also spoke S. Sarukhanyan, M. Marutyan,
R. Melkonyan and the representatives of other think tanks.