Levon Ter Petrosian Was The First


28 July, 2008

"Most families of Armenia’s political prisoners hardly afford their
bare necessities. They have appeared in abject despair after the
detention of their husbands, brothers and fathers. As our chances
are confined we do our best to assist the most vulnerable ones.

The political prisoners survive thanks to their families. They can
hardly do anything with the money allotted by the state," Coordinator
of the Committee for the Protection of the RoA Political Prisoners,"
Vardan Harutiunian said to A1+.

Vardan Harutiunian says that people having a high social status
usually do not engage in politics. They are mainly concerned about
insurance issues.

The Committee raises money to support the families under
question. "They reflect the hopeless state of our society." As of
now 60000 drams have been earmarked to five families.

Everyone is welcomed to make a voluntary donation. The list is
headed by Armenia’s first President Levon Ter-Petrossian who has
donated 150 000 drams. The list involves representatives of Armenian
Intelligentsia, Diaspora and even an ARFD member who has given 30000
drams. All of them agree that citizens’ rights are violated in Armenia.

Below are the bank accounts,

Hrazdan branch of "Ardshininvest" bank

Arshavir Bozinian’s bank account 2476400372450010

Note, there are political prisoners in Armenia.