Frozen Relations Between Armenia And Turkey Can’t Last Eternally


PanARMENIAN.Net 28.07.2008 13:33 GMT+04:00

Russian political scientist Zurab Todua does not see a sensation in
the talks between Turkey and Armenia.

"Such talks have been held at times almost since the first day of
existence of independent Armenia. As is known, former president
of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyan directly set the task to his
subordinates to search for opportunities to resolve the problems
in the Armenian-Turkish relations, including the opening of borders,
restoration of transportation communication and problem of the Armenian
Genocide. But he failed to do it," he said.

"Yet the frozen relations between the two states can’t last
eternally. Nagorno Karabakh is too expensive for Armenia which is
isolated from all regional economic projects. The people can bear
miseries encouraged by patriotic spirit only for a short historical
period… I think most Armenian residents will treat the fact of
talks at least with understanding. Although, there will also be
exceptions. There will be people, who will call it a "betrayal of
national interests" and "surrender positions", and "indulgence,"
he noted.

Russia will not make a tragedy of the Armenian-Turkish talks, according
to Todua.

"Everyone is aware that the attempt to normalize contacts between the
two states is pragmatic. Armenia will not stop being the strategic
and military and political ally of Russia after it reconciles with
Turkey. On the contrary, Russia, which maintains close trade and
economic relations with Turkey, will have more opportunities for
new perspective and large scale projects, which Armenia can join,
though theoretically. Like in other regions of the world, to separate
from a big neighbor, means to doom people to miseries and hardships,
deprive them of various opportunities. For which strategic purposes
and tasks does Armenia need to follow the West and separate from
Russia? This question has no logical answer. It means that such talks
are unfounded," he resumed, reports.