Armenian World To Stand Present-Day Global Competition


July 28

It is only the Armenian world that can be a subject of global
competition in the modern world, RA Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan
stated at a business forum "Armenia’s global competitiveness: national
projects" held in Tsakhkadzor last Saturday.

"The potential for the development of the two Armenian republics
and of the entire Armenian world goes far beyond our borders, and
our ideology is an ideology of a new space, which requires a common
platform for thought for representatives of the parent country and
the Diaspora," T. Sargsyan said.

The RA Premier said that, in implementing its program, the RA
Government should understand the logic of the ongoing global changes
and elaborate all the projects in the context of this key factor.

"Our task is to create a global Armenian space for a human to realize
his potential, and we must create favorable conditions for him to
choose the Armenian world," T. Sargsyan said.

The Premier pointed out that the Armenian world includes culturological
and political strata. Specifically, the Armenian world outside Armenia
and Nagorno-Karabakh has 350 comprehensive and 500 Sunday schools,
hundreds public organizations and charitable foundations, strong
political and lobbyist organizations.

"They are all living in the Armenian world, and this world is quite
real. A rmenian world is a living organism – Armenia does not exist
without the Armenian world nor does the Armenian world exist without
Armenia," T.

Sargsyan said.

According to the RA Premier, the Armenian world exerts its influence
on all the processes going on in Armenia, which should be considered
in the elaboration of various projects, both investment and political

"The influence of external financial flows is much greater than
that of money supply and monetary base in Armenia. Entities outside
Armenia have their economic interests in this country and influence
economic processes, which fact should be taken into account during
the implementation of programs," T. Sargsyan said.

In this context, the RA Premier pointed out the necessity for creating
a common database on participants in different projects, which will
be available for representatives of the Armenian world.

The forum held under RA President Serge Sargsyan’s auspices was
attended by Russia-based Armenian businessmen, particularly by
President of the Association of Russian Banks Garegin Tosunyan,
President of the Rosgosstrakh (Russian State Insurance) group Daniel
Khachaturov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Troyka Dialogue Group,
Ruben Vardanyan.