ARF ‘Dashnaktsutyun’ Not To Leave Ruling Coalition In Armenia


2008-07-28 15:54:00

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation ‘Dashnaktsutyun’ is not going to
leave the ruling coalition in Armenia, members of ARFD parliamentary
faction Artsvik Minasyan told journalists today. ‘All the rumours and
publications in mass media about it do not meet the reality and come
from the oppositional camp and the so-called ‘third forces’, he said.

A. Minasyan also said that ARFD has its goals and programmes
fulfillment of which the party closely relates to participation in
the coalition. At the same time, he said that , and the overwhelming
majority of its members accept and agree with decisions of the
party’s leadership.

‘Of course, there is a definite inflow and outflow of members in our
party like in any other one and there are people who disagree with the
majority’s opinion. However, it does not mean that we should refuse
of cooperation with our partners in coalition’, A. Minasyan resumed.

ARF ‘Dashnaktsutyun’, based in 1890, is one of the oldest Armenian

It is member of the Socialist International. The party’s Armenian
representation numbers 7,000 members and the foreign party structures
– about 25,000 people. ARFD has been represented in RA parliament of
the fourth convocation by 16 MPs and has three ministerial portfolios
plus the vice-speaker’s post.