"Adana" Has Had A Great Cognitive Role


AZG Armenian Daily


The work "Adana" dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide
was presented in 17 languages by representatives of 15 nations. It
will be followed by another project called "Love each other", said
Composer Ara Gevorgian in a press conference held in the National
Library of Armenia.

Director of the National Library Davit Sargsian thanked all those
artists and people who contributed to the creation of "Adana"
mentioning that it is impossible to forget the incidents of 1909
in Adana.

The author of the lyrics Daniel Decker before the joint work with Ara
Gevorgian touched upon the Armenian history through the work "Mush".

Listening to the music of "Adana" by Ara Gevorgian he offered to
write a song based on the music. The works lasted approximately one
year. The song is presented also in Turkish, and the name of the
singer remain secret.

According to the Director of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute
Hayk Demoyan, where diplomacy is powerless, music works.

The singers of the song Inka from Finland, Luis Verner from Sweden
and Kay Auhagen from Germany underlined that the whole world should
know of what happened in order new tragedies should be prevented.

Director of F. Nansen foundation Felix Bakhchinian handed over medals
to Ara Gevorgian, Daniel Decker, Inka, Luis Verner, Kay Auhagen,
"Armenpress" reported.